Need another good argument against government schools? Here you go.

When Florida mother Jennifer Flinchum discovered that her 13-year-old son had received an assignment from his eighth-grade science teacher that referred to evolution as a theory and insinuated that those who disagree were purposefully lying, she was not pleased.

“The hair on the back of my neck stood up,” she told WKMG.

“Next time someone tries to tell you that evolution is just a theory, as a way of dismissing it, as if it’s just something someone guessed at, remember that they’re using the non-scientific meaning of the word,” the assignment read.


“If that person is a teacher, or minister, or some other figure of authority, they should know better. In fact, they probably do, and are trying to mislead you.”

Schools should be empowering our children with knowledge, not ignorance, meaning they should not be referring to evolution as a scientific fact. Nor should they be castigating the many Americans who believe in creationism.

Flinchum  is concerned to the point that the incident made her “question what else they’re going to put in front” of her son.

Source: VIDEO: Hair on Back of Mom’s Neck Immediately Stands Up When 13-Year-Old Shows This Homework Assignment