When it comes to the anti-gun crowd that clamors for stricter gun control, hypocrisy and double standards abound.

Case in point is Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who recently attended an anti-gun rally with an armed guard at his side, epitomizing the typical “guns for me but not for thee” attitude rampant among anti-gun politicians.

McAuliffe was attending the #WhateverItTakes gun control rally in Washington D.C., ostensibly to push for more and expanded background checks for gun purchases.

The rally was purportedly held in honor of the Virginia reporter and cameraman recently shot and killed by an angry ex-colleague who, surprise, surprise, passed a background check and legally purchased his firearm, just as most other recent high-profile shooters have done.

When asked about the clear double standard of his having an armed guard while he tries to limit access to firearms for regular citizens, the governor brushed off the question by claiming anyone who has passed a background check could legally carry a gun as well.


Source: VIDEO: Governor Attends Anti-Gun Rally… But Forgets Who Is Standing Behind Him