VIDEO: Female Bus Bully Beats On Overweight Kid... Has No Idea What's About To Happen Click to Tweet

One of the most dreaded places to be for school age children is the school bus. You are in a crowded vehicle with dozens of other kids and, it’s the perfect opportunity for someone to assault you or pick on you — even adults are vulnerable in situations like that.

One overweight boy was on the receiving end of a beating by a black girl on a school bus when he finally decided enough was enough and took matters into his own hands…

The boy easily overpowered the girl and put her in a chokehold. Ironically enough, this is when another student stepped in and started punching the boy to try to make him stop.

Eventually, the boy released the bully and politely asked her is she was OK. The girl is quite visibly shaken, and we do not see if she replies to him or not because the video ends there.

It’s always good to see bullies get what’s coming to them. But watching this video, one can’t help but wonder where the bus driver was while all this was going on. A bus driver’s job is to get children safely from one location to another, and this bus driver clearly failed at that…

Source: VIDEO: Female Bus Bully Beats On Overweight Kid… Has No Idea What’s About To Happen