This is worth watching!

In this politically correct age, we are often encouraged by those on the left to keep our opinions and beliefs to ourselves so as not to offend anyone.

When we do express our First Amendment rights, some of the hyper-sensitive go ballistic, demanding we stop the offending activity because they are insulted, annoyed or whatever.

This can lead to some extremely sticky situations — and that’s exactly what happened when ABC’s television show, “What Would You Do?” placed customers in a confrontational setting involving public prayer.

The scene involved a Christian family beginning to pray at their table in a San Antonio, Texas, restaurant. Their prayer was interrupted by a woman who claimed to be an atheist.

The woman asks the family to pray quietly because she is offended by prayer and she does not appreciate them shoving their God down her throat.

For those unfamiliar with how the show works, hidden cameras observe how ordinary people react when they face uncomfortable and potentially volatile situations.

These dilemmas often require people either to take a stand and speak up or turn a blind eye and mind their own business.

Source: VIDEO: Fellow Diners Make AMAZING Move When Atheist Attacks Christian Family Praying in Restaurant