Stephen Smith ESPN

He’s spot on.

Stephen A. Smith from ESPN2 didn’t hold back when asked his opinion about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s remarks about the “black lives matter” issue, according to a Breitbart report.

Smith appeared on the sports channel’s “First Take” on Thursday, where he delved into the topic after Sherman’s comments were brought up.

Sherman has previously said that if black lives matter, black-on-black violence needs to end.

Smith agreed with Sherman, pointing out that if black lives actually do matter, they should matter all the time.

Similar remarks in the past have put Smith in the crosshairs of many black lives matter activists, but Smith seemed unaffected.

He explained people were offended when he claimed he didn’t hear “black lives matter” when “black folks were getting murdered in the streets of Chicago by black folks.”

“I didn’t hear that when black folks was losing lives by the hands of other black folks in Baltimore and that’s just those two cities,” he added.

He went further and challenged President Barack Obama on the issue.

“To be quite honest with you, one of the issues I have with our president, who I love dearly, is the fact I think he hasn’t spoken up enough about Chicago, which is where he’s a junior senator from. That’s the only thing I would say about that,” he said

Source: VIDEO: ESPN Host Goes Off Script, Issues Huge Challenge to Obama on #BlackLivesMatter