While speaking with Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, Charlie Gasparino claimed that GOP establishment presidential candidates plan on running attack ads against front-runner Donald Trump sometime after Labor Day.

According to Gasparino, the goal of these uncoordinated attack ads will be to “reset the primary” and weaken Trump’s devastating lead in the polls.

“They think he’s gotten away for too long and for too much attacking them unabated,” he explained. “They’re going to start fighting back.” (H/T Fox News)

Gasparino specifically mentioned Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Marco Rubio, though according to AshLee Strong, National Press Secretary for Scott Walker for America, Walker has no intention of running attack ads against Trump (H/T The Right Scoop).

Likewise, Trump has certainly never ran any attack ads against his Republican opponents, though he did launch a 15-second anti-Hillary Clinton spot against the Democrat front-runner earlier this week.

If Trump’s challengers run attack ads against him, their ads will likely do very little to dent his lead. Americans appreciate Trump’s bold candidness, and a bunch of ads filled with untruths about the man will do nothing to change that.

The only way Trump’s challengers could possibly out-perform him would be if they chose to be as bold and candid as he has been, and that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Source: VIDEO: DC Republicans’ Sick Plan to Destroy Trump 2 Weeks From Now Just Got Revealed