Where’s the outrage over this disgusting accusation against murdered ambassador, Chris Stevens? If a republican had said this, he would be skewered. It’s good to be a democrat.

Liberal media personalities went out of their way to prop up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she barely made it through a grueling, 11-hour committee hearing about her involvement in the events that ended up in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

Throughout several rounds of testimony, hundreds of talking heads throughout cable news chimed in with their opinion on how well, or not well, the Democrat presidential candidate was holding up and discussed at length whether or not she was guilty or completely untouchable.

Though it’s fair to say that many ridiculous opinions were served to the masses throughout the day, none was as disrespectful or distasteful as the accusation leveled against fallen U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens by CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

While speaking on a panel hosted by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Toobin suggested that Stevens’ death, along with his security team’s demise, was a result of his own doing.

“Did he make an intelligent decision in exposing himself and all of these security guards to the obvious risk. Did he make a mistake in going into this extremely dangerous situation? Obviously, no one wants to blame this man,” Toobin said.

But, that’s exactly what Toobin did. He insinuated that Stevens was directly responsible for his own death — on live television.


It’s difficult to imagine what the family members of the victims, especially Stevens’ family, felt after hearing such an absurd accusation.

This is really low–even for CNN.

Source: VIDEO: CNN Hits New Low… Makes DISGUSTING Accusation Against Murdered Amb. Chris Stevens