This is what happens when you go off the script at mainstream media stalwart CNN: Joshua Feuerstein, a conservative social media pundit, had his audio cut off when he questioned whether President Barack Obama was pretending to be Christian.

Feuerstein’s mic was cut by CNN after he asked, “Why did Obama have to pretend to be (Christian) in order to get elected?”

While CNN claimed technical difficulties, the timing of the matter made it fairly obvious this probably wasn’t an accident. In fact, according to Feuerstein, CNN also had it set up so that he couldn’t hear what the other pundits were saying.

Feuerstein made headlines across the nation by spearheading the campaign against Starbucks’ plain red Christmas cups that don’t mention Christmas, a move he and other conservative commentators felt was marginalizing the holiday and the role of Christ in the season.

 “The silent majority is sick and tired of consistently being bullied to be quiet about our beliefs and trying to remove Christ out of Christmas,” Feuerstein said. “I think that what we tapped into here is that there’s a large demographic of Christian Americans saying we are fed up with being politically correct and it’s time to just be correct.”

During the segment, Feuerstein was facing off with SiriusXM host and comedian Pete Dominick (whom neither I nor the rest of America had ever heard of before this, proving yet again that CNN has become the USFL of cable news).

Dominick, who maintained a disquieting rictus of contempt during the segment, called Feuerstein an “entrepreneurial bigot,” something that got neither his audio cut off nor an admonition from the anchor.

Whether or not you or CNN agree with Feuerstein’s comments, it’s worth pointing out that this wasn’t an opinion show like “The O’Reilly Factor” or Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC debacle. This is masquerading as an objective news segment, yet a conservative’s mic gets shut off because of “technical difficulties.”

It’s hard to make a claim for objectivity when a conservative whom a network had invited to speak has his mic mysteriously cut out mid-interview. It gives the impression of implicit disapproval — the fact that CNN feels certain opinions are worth airing and certain ones cannot be given time.

Source: VIDEO: CNN Cuts Audio Instantly When Guest Goes Off Script, Says THIS About Obama