Bone-chilling but absolutely accurate.

Speaking on “This Week” Sunday, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made a shocking but spot-on statement about the greatest threats facing our nation.

“I believe our country’s biggest threats come from within,” Carson said in an interview with guest host Martha Raddatz. “From failing to address our incredible fiscal irresponsibility, by allowing our populace to become enemies with each other, stirring up hatred and strife within our country, by allowing education to take a second seat, by giving a lot of lip service but not actually taking care of it.”

The root of these problems lies in the effective dumbing down of America. We used to have “a relatively well-educated populous,” whereas these days, we have legions of low-information men and women who blindly feast on any narrative — however disingenuous — the establishment media feeds them, while ignoring what’s really going on.

Meanwhile, as our population grows more uninformed and apathetic, the populations of other countries grow both smarter and more numerous.

“We only have 322 million in this country,” Carson continued. “We have to compete against China and India, who have over 1 billion.”

“We have to develop all of our people. And we have to start thinking in a group sense, how do we develop, and how do we make America a success for everyone?”

Good question, Dr. Carson. There might be differing opinions as to how to accomplish that, but one thing remains consistent across the board: we need new, CONSERVATIVE leadership in this nation.

Source: URGENT: Ben Carson’s BONE-CHILLING 7-Word Message to America Is Going Viral… Here’s Why