This speech is a classic to share with liberal friends and family members.

With the recent school shootings and Presidential campaigning, the issue of gun control is rearing its head again with a vengeance. In fact, Obama is threatening an executive order, and Hillary Clinton is hinting that the U.S. should adopt a nation-wide gun ban in imitation of Australia.

While lawful gun owners consider what they may say to those who would infringe upon their rights and attempt to take away their lawfully owned firearms, perhaps they should take notes from a courageous Army veteran from New York.

In a speech delivered to the Dutchess County Legislature in New York in March of 2013, Iraq combat veteran and Poughkeepsie police Officer Aaron Weiss utterly decimated those who supported the mis-named “SAFE Act” gun control measure passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting but widely disliked.

Weiss criticized the legislators for claiming they were “courageous” in passing the strict gun control law in the middle of the night, and called them out for using fear to motivate support for their “politically expedient” gun control measures.

He also painted them as essentially standing “on the graves of dead children” to push their agenda, noting they never talk about the scores of dead children killed by guns in places like Chicago.

He ended his speech with a direct challenge to those lawmakers who would so callously vote to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens, then turn around and ask people like himself to enforce such
a vote.

Source: VIDEO: Army Vet Blasts Obama’s Gun Control Agenda With “Best 2nd Amendment Speech Ever”