ISIS Using Chlorine Gas Roadside Bombs to Stop Iraqi advances

They got what they had coming to them, and then some!

Sometimes the only thing that will take down a bad guy with an improvised explosive device is a good guy with an improvised explosive device (IED).

This video, which is undated and doesn’t mention location except that it’s in Iraq, was posted yesterday by individuals who identified themselves as members of the Mahdi Army.

It shows the anti-Islamic State organization setting a deadly trap for an Islamic State group suicide bomber.

The video began with pre-strike preparations, as the members of the Mahdi Army could be seen scoping out the desert landscape and placing the explosive device.

After some time, they let it be and withdrew to a relatively safe position.

That’s when a truck came by, allegedly with an ISIS suicide  bomber inside.The truck hit the IED and was instantly blown to smithereens.

The suicidal sunni concluded his Saudi funded jihad by pulverising himself into minuscule atoms fortunately taking no one else with him.
Judging by the cloud of smoke and the violence of the explosion, it seems extremely unlikely that anyone survived.


Source: VIDEO: Anti-ISIS Good Guys Build Own IED, Wait for ISIS Truck, Then PURE JUSTICE