This girl is so far beyond her years!

A petty argument over a broken shoe rack was the final straw for 6-year-old Tianna. Wise beyond her years, the little girl sat her fighting, divorced parents down for a heart-to-heart pep talk they’ll not soon forget.

“I’m not trying to be mean, I just want everyone to be friends,” Tiana pleaded. “And if I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice, too. I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m trying to do my best in my heart. I want you, Mom, my dad and everyone else to be friends.”

Her mother, Cherish Sherry, explained on her Facebook page that she came home one day and a shoe rack had fallen down in the garage, sparking an argument between her and her ex-husband.

Tianna helped her mom fix the rack by putting shoes back on it and then told her sparring parents about the global consequences of their bickering.

“If we live in a world where everyone’s being mean, everyone’s going to be a monster in the future,” Tianna said, in the most adorable way possible. “We need everyone to be a person. Everyone including me and my mom. Everyone. I just want everything to be settled down. Nothing else.”

Sherry received messages from all over the world complimenting her daughter’s inspirational message. A video of the heartwarming talk uploaded to YouTube has already been viewed almost two million times since Sept. 16.

Source: VIDEO: Adorable 6-Year-Old Sends Parents Honest Message About Divorce… It’s Spreading Everywhere