The religion of peace has struck again, this time outside a Mosque in London where a group of Muslims beat two white men for simply walking down a street.

The men were outside The Brick Lane Mosque in London when a group of Muslims started attacking them — most likely for being white.

In the video, which is extremely disturbing, the Muslims could be heard yelling at the men. They were not speaking English, and a reliable translation was not immediately available:

It takes a special type of monster to smash a man’s head with a metal sign when he is lying on the ground. Although it has not yet been confirmed, there is little doubt that the men are Muslim, based on the clothes several of them are wearing and the neighborhood where the video was reportedly taken (H/T The Gateway Pundit).

Attacks like this one are becoming all too common. While our liberal friends constantly like to remind us that a majority of Muslims are peaceful, there seem to be more and more attacks perpetrated by these “peaceful” people.

Videos like these are why many Americans have a tough time trusting Islam. Vicious beatings simply for being in the wrong neighborhood sound like something out of the KKK’s playbook…

Source: VIDEO: 2 White Men Caught in Wrong Neighborhood, Then Muslims Find Them…