The liberal war on police suffered a devastating defeat this week when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Texas state trooper who used a high-powered rifle while on a highway overpass to kill a suspect who had led authorities on an 18-minute-long high-speed car chase.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the trooper, Chadrin L. Mullenix, had been ordered to a take a position on the overpass but “stand by” and “see if the spikes work first.” Instead, Mullenix fired six shots at the fugitive, Israel Leija Jr., killing him and inspiring his family to file a lawsuit against Mullenix claiming he had used excessive force.

“By the time Mullenix fired, Leija had led police on a 25-mile chase at extremely high speeds, was reportedly intoxicated, had twice threatened to shoot officers and was racing towards an officer’s location,” the court wrote in a statement.

“Ultimately,” the court added, “whatever can be said of the wisdom of Mullenix’s choice, this court’s precedents do not place the conclusion that he acted unreasonably in these circumstances beyond debate.”

Plus, according to The New York Times, the whole situation occurred because Leija refused to simply comply when officers tried to serve him an arrest warrant at a drive-through restaurant. Instead, he put numerous people’s lives at risk by fleeing the scene and driving along the highway at high speed.

Only one justice — liberal Sonia Sotomayor — dissented with the ruling, arguing that it “gives a free pass to a police force culture of ‘shoot first, think later.’”

Not surprisingly, she forgot to mention the equally relevant thug culture of “break the law, resist arrest.”

Source: VICTORY: Supreme Court Makes HUGE Decision in Favor of America’s Law Enforcement