Why on earth would we want this to happen here?

In an interview with German television, the chief of Germany’s largest police union said that the Muslim refugees that have arrived in his country lack respect for German law and that “all hell broke loose” within Germany’s refugee camps.

In an interview with N24 (via Breitbart), union chief Rainer Wendt said that the situation was out of control and that politicians should have acted sooner.

“In our asylum camps all hell broke loose; at the border in southern Germany, and in Bavaria especially, it’s hell. Our colleagues down there can’t ever take their boots off (to rest) anymore,” Wendt said.

He added that the violence in the refugee camps is “not because they’re living in cramped spaces; these are territorial conflicts, dominance struggles. I mean, fanatical religious groups that can’t be separated easily.”

“(C)riminality among the refugees; meaning rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as exploitation, slavery, we see it all there,” Wendt added.

As for the reaction of Germany’s government, Wendt said that migrants can “pretty much can do whatever they please, and the state barely reacts.

“The judiciary and the political part of the state should make it very clear to these people from the get-go, that in this country Shariah does not apply — or any other religion — but that here in Germany the rule of law applies, and that we are ready to enforce that.”

This is the same mess that the Obama administration wants to bring here. America must wake up!

Source: URGENT: German Police Official Drops Bombshell About Muslim “Refugees”… America Must Wake Up