Liberals are going to HATE this… Good.

The British government decided to do something about the threat of Islamic radicals by rejecting plans for a mega-mosque slated for construction in the nation’s capital.

The Tablighi Jamaat sect planned to build a 290,000 square mosque near the Olympic park in East London, a plan initially backed by the Conservative Party, according to The U.K. Sunday Telegraph.

The mosque would have had three times the floor space of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, and its minarets would have been larger than Big Ben.

The 16-year battle was finally coming to an end, as the British government was reportedly set to veto the plans. The plan first faced opposition in 2012 when the Newham Council rejected it over concerns that the building would be too big.

The Tablighi Jamaat appealed that decision, but ministers didn’t act until recently because of political sensitivities in Britain that make any criticism of Islam controversial.

The Telegraph cited confidential sources in reporting that British Communities Secretary Greg Clark had finally made the move to block the project.

Alan Craig, a former Newham counselor who was instrumental in stopping the construction, said it was “fantastic news.”

“For a decade and a half, Tablighi Jamaat has pulled out every stop to get its way, but at last the specter is over,” he said.

Pro-mosque protesters formed a group called the Newham People’s Alliance and blockaded council offices during the application process. The group also ran a negative campaign against Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales, calling him a “racist” and “Zionist.”

According to the report, the Tablighi Jamaat has been linked to terrorism. Its headquarters were located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where the Markazi Masjid mosque is located.

The Markazi Masjid has links to Talhal Asmal, Britain’s youngest suicide bomber, who killed himself earlier this year fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria. The mosque also has links to other suicide bombers with plans to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners.

Source: UK Delivers Brutal Bad News to Muslim Worshipers… This Will Send Them Over the Edge