Two GOP Candidates Team Up To Knock Cruz Out Of Iowa... But Cruz Is Ready For Them Click to Tweet

Backers of Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum have thrown their support behind Marco Rubio in an effort to kill the campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz.


National Review reported that Huckabee and Santorum campaigns argued that Rubio had more of “the character traits” of their candidate, and that he would therefore be preferable to Cruz.

The working theory is that Rubio is a Christian conservative more in the mold of Huckabee and Santorum, perhaps because of his more subdued and non-confrontational demeanor when compared to the senator for Texas.

Another, more cynical theory would be that Rubio could be more easily knocked off by a surging Huckabee or Santorum in the event that Ted Cruz goes down after a failure in Iowa.

That might prove challenging, given what is widely believed to be a very strong Cruz ground game in Iowa, The Right Scoop has suggested.

Rubio’s liberal approach on amnesty and alliance with establishment types like former nominee Mitt Romney could paint him as significantly different form Huckabee or Santorum’s anti-establishment campaign, a narrative that would be more difficult to support against the hard-charging Ted Cruz.

This could only happen if Cruz is taken out. The fear is that with Cruz in the race, there would be no need or desire for Huckabee or Santorum to fill the anti-establishment role…

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