Trump’s blunt honesty is what makes him so appealing to Americans who are tired of the Washington liars.

Donald Trump says he could tell a Syrian refugee child, to their face no, you “can’t come” to America.

Monday during a campaign town hall event in Salem, New Hampshire, Trump argued that because “we don’t know where their parents come from” their children can’t come.

An attendee asked Trump, “I’m wondering if you would be able to look at these children in the face and tell them that they’re not allowed to go to school in a community?”

“I can look at their faces and say you can’t come,” Trump replied. Arguing, “We don’t know where their parents come from. They have no documentation.”

 Citing security concerns, Trump said, “I’ve talked to the greatest legal people, I’ve spoken to the greatest security people. There’s absolutely no way of saying where these people come [from]. They may be from Syria, they may be ISIS, they may be ISIS-related.”

Trump then discussed the migration of refugees through Europe saying, “As you know, and you’ve been reading, they’ve caught people with ISIS relationships [in] the migration… and then you see them on cell phones, where do the hell do they get their cell phones? This is a migration, they have no anything, and yet they have cell phones. And then they have cell phones with ISIS flags on them… and worse.”

Source: Trump Says He Could Tell A Syrian Refugee Child To Their Face ‘You Can’t Come’ To America [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller