Trump has crossed many lines that you just don’t cross. This is one more…

Things on the campaign trail are getting really, REALLY ugly, particularly between Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and Donald Trump. After a Super PAC posted a rather inappropriate picture of Trump’s wife, The Donald went on the attack against Cruz’s wife and things have just escalated like crazy, culminating in what might be one of the most classless attacks by a presidential candidate ever.

This is bad.

via Washington Examiner:

Cruz responded early Thursday morning, calling Trump’s wife “lovely” and adding, “real men don’t attack women.”

The back-and-forth barbs between Trump and Cruz regarding their respective wives has attracted feverish attention and earned lots of free media for the candidates.

It started after an anti-Trump super PAC ad featured a photo of Trump’s wife, prompting Trump to threaten to “spill the beans” about Cruz’s wife. Cruz replied by saying he had nothing to do with the ad and called Trump a “coward,” which Trump later dismissed as an explanation from “Lyin’ Ted.”

While mudslinging is deeply ingrained in politics, there’s just some lines you don’t cross, and this is exactly the reason why.

Regardless, Cruz has handled this with dignity and absolute class, which Trump has not. This is, in part, why so many people are concerned about him being President.

Source: Trump Unleashes New VILE Attack on Heidi Cruz, Ted has a REAL Man’s Response…