Trump Threatens to Sue Over Casino's Bankruptcy Click to Tweet

Donald Trump is threatening to sue The Washington Post after the newspaper published an article that concluded the Republican presidential front-runner repeatedly played down his “personal role” in the bankruptcy of one of his Atlantic City casinos.

The Taj Mahal, which opened in 1990, filed for bankruptcy a year later and Trump told The Post it was the result of external forces beyond his control — mainly a bad economy.

“I didn’t want to have any personal liability, so I used junk bonds. I accept the blame for that, but I would do it again,” he told the newspaper. “This was not personal. This was a corporate deal,” he said.

“If you write this one, I’m suing you.”

In the Post article, titled “Trump’s bad bet: How too much debt drove his biggest casino aground,” reporter Robert O’Harrow Jr. writes:

“The bad bet on the Taj Mahal continues to haunt Trump … During recent GOP debates, opponents and journalists have repeatedly asked why he should be trusted to manage the country after losing lenders hundreds of millions of dollars”…

Source: Trump Threatens to Sue Washington Post Over Story on Casino’s Bankruptcy