If you challenge Donald Trump, he may encourage others to challenge you.In recent days, the combative Republican presidential candidate has urged Arizona treasurer Jeff DeWit to take on Sen. John McCain, a Trump critic, in the state’s 2016 GOP Senate primary.

Trump and DeWit met privately in Phoenix July 11 aboard Trump’s Boeing 757. During the conversation, which was observed by The Washington Post, Trump and DeWit discussed McCain and what it would take it make the race competitive.

“You really should think about doing it,” Trump told DeWit, who nodded as he sat inches from Trump in the cream-colored cabin. [Donald Trump now thinks John McCain, who he called ‘very bright’ in 2008, is a ‘dummy’]

As Trump detailed what he sees as McCain’s vulnerabilities — ties to the GOP establishment, longtime support for immigration reform — DeWit agreed that the upcoming primary could become a marquee contest for conservatives.

But DeWit told Trump that his friend, state Sen. Kelli Ward, is already running against McCain, making his own entry unlikely unless circumstances changed.

Trump said he understood DeWit’s position but told him it’d be smart to leave his options open and think seriously about a bid.

Source: Trump courts Arizona treasurer to challenge McCain – The Washington Post