Fighting as a party of one, Donald Trump vowed Saturday to press into Democratic strongholds over the campaign’s final days as Hillary Clinton looked to an army of A-list celebrities and politicos to defend her narrowing path to the presidency.

The divisive Republican outsider conceded he was largely on his own — even as he promised to march into Minnesota, a state that hasn’t backed a GOP presidential nominee in more than four decades.

“Hillary Clinton has all of these celebrities and failed politicians out campaigning for her,” a defiant Trump said in North Carolina, one of four battleground states he was visiting on Saturday. “I just have me, but I have my family.”

At a subsequent appearance in Nevada, he also had the support of the Secret Service when a disturbance erupted near the podium in the middle of his speech. Two agents rushed the Republican nominee off stage after someone yelled “Gun!”, the Secret Service said in a statement. The person was apprehended but no weapon was found, the agency said.

Trump returned minutes later and declared, “We will never be stopped.”