Jeb Bush ‘Chuckles’ When Hannity Mentions Trump Candidacy

Photo by Boss Tweed CC BY 2.0

Photo by Boss Tweed CC BY 2.0

The brash-talking, big-city Republican of the 2016 field returned to the home of the first presidential primary Tuesday, where his presence threatens chaos in the party’s race for the nomination.

No, not the brash-talking candidate from Newark who just announced—the other one, from Queens. Because while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also flew to New Hampshire Thursday, it’s Donald Trump whose showing in recent polls could give him center-stage status at televised debates that start in just five weeks.

“Our country is honestly going to hell,” Trump said at a house party in Bedford, an upper-middle-class community just outside Manchester. “The illegals are pouring into the country. … It’s far worse than anybody knows.”

Trump offered a rambling monologue that stressed his ability to solve the nation’s problems because of his business acumen and his smarts—particularly compared with the “third-rate” governors and senators running in the Republican primary.Others in the field don’t necessarily see Trump as a major threat.

The mere idea of Trump as a candidate was enough to elicit chuckles from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush when Fox’s Sean Hannity asked about him earlier in June. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that,” Bush told Hannity.

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