Donald Trump has never been shy to talk about the controversy embroiling Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, whom the U.S. traded members of the Taliban to free. The 2016 GOP front-runner says the former captive should consider himself lucky he came didn’t serve in “the old days.”

During a campaign appearance in Franklin, Tenn., Saturday afternoon, Trump talked once again about Bergdahl, who was charged in March with desertion. Trump told the crowd that had Bergdahl served in the Army in “the old days” he would have been shot.

“Traitor — he’s a traitor, Sgt. Bergdahl. So he leaves, he deserts. He’s a deserter. Remember the old days? In the old days — bing — deserters,” Trump said pretending to fire a handgun as the crowd roared. “In the old days, deserters were shot.”

During the Saturday speech, Trump talked up the team that went to search for Bergdahl after he abandoned his post in 2009.

Source: Trump on ‘traitor’ Bergdahl: In the old days, deserters ‘were shot’ | Washington Examiner