To combat the nation’s opioid epidemic, President-elect Donald Trump and Attorney General-nominee Jeff Sessions need to “clean house” and fire corrupt U.S. government officials who knowingly allow Mexican drug cartels to smuggle vast quantities of heroin over the border, says Christopher Farrell, director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch.

These Mexican cartels “threaten more lives on a daily basis right now than any other foreign terrorist threat” including ISIS, Farrell said.

“ISIS only dreams of exacting the human casualties the Mexican cartels achieve, despite decades of the ‘War on Drugs’,” the former military intelligence officer wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.

On Tuesday, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act, which provides $1 billion to expand access to treatment and prevention of drug addiction.

Last week, The Washington Post reported that the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that for the first time ever, more Americans died from heroin overdoses (12,989) in 2015 than from homicides involving firearms (12,979).

In September, New York’s Organized Crime Task Force seized more than 33 kilograms of heroin (72 pounds) valued at $13 million, the largest drug bust in the unit’s 46-year history. Officials said that “a sophisticated distribution ring” moved the drugs – which were laced with chicken anesthetic, nail polish remover and roach killer – from Mexico into Tucson, Arizona and then transported them as far north as Massachusetts.

But Farrell says that “the dirty little secret” about the nation’s opioid epidemic is that it is “leveraged by corrupt public officials” who either turn a blind eye as the cartels smuggle truckloads of heroin into the U.S. or actively help them distribute their deadly product to every corner of the nation.