trump jr.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of real estate magnate Donald Trump, revealed some awesome news regarding his father’s first 100 days in office, should he win the presidency. Trump spoke about these plans in an interview with Breitbart News, which asked what his father’s top three goals to accomplish would be.

“A big part of that is going to be cutting the waste,” Trump replied. “Cutting bureaucracy and that nonsense. Starting to work on actually balancing a budget. Really dealing with the immigration issue, getting the wall started.”

“Getting the wall started in the first hundred days?” Bannon asked.

“I would say the process of that would start in the first hundred days,” Trump said.

“You’re saying when it comes to the wall, you’re seeing the initiation as the legislation, the financing of that, in the first hundred days,” Bannon said.

“A hundred percent. Listen, it’s not just about the wall and immigration, right? It’s about drug trade, it’s about the issues you’re facing here,” Trump said.

The cartels,” Bannon added, “You’re saying it’s inextricably linked to our open borders.”

“With no question!” Trump said.

Are those goals lofty? Very — unless by some miracle the Republicans gain a supermajority in the Senate.

And when it comes to tougher issues — like deporting illegal aliens or enacting a moratorium on Muslim immigration — that’s when the establishment and President Trump may really collide.

Source: Don Trump Jr. Reveals Dad’s Plan for First 100 Days in Office… Liberals Are Going to Freak