In an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, GOP presidential contender Donald Trump said that he would pick a replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that was “just like Justice Scalia.”

In the appearance, Trump stressed that it was difficult to predict just how Supreme Court justices would turn out, but that he was dedicated to appointing someone like the late Justice Scalia to the court.

“Look, we need great intellect. We need, I think absolutely conservative,” Trump said. “But the real — I think the real plan forward would be somebody just like Justice Scalia.”

Trump also accused rivals Texas Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and former Florida Gov. [score]Jeb Bush[/score] of being responsible for Chief Justice John Roberts, who was nominated as a conservative but upheld the Affordable Care Act.

“You look at where a guy like Ted Cruz pushed very hard for Justice Roberts. Everyone thought that was wonderful,” Trump said.

“And Justice Roberts let everybody down by approving Obamacare twice,” he continued. “I mean, he really did let us down. And that’s largely Cruz’s fault and the Bushes fault, because they put the wrong guy in there. That was a shocking decision.”

He also mentioned Cruz’s support for Justice Roberts on Twitter.

Appearing before Trump on “Meet the Press,” however, Cruz attacked Trump’s record on the Constitution, saying that The Donald’s record of cavorting with Democrats made it unlikely that he would pick a justice with Scalia’s sort of conservative credentials.

“I would note, look, how do we know Donald Trump’s record on this is going to be bad? He has supported liberals for four decades: Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid,” Cruz said.


Source: BACKBONE: Trump Reveals Who He Wants to Replace Scalia, Conservatives Thrilled