Trump Gets $10M to Crush Stonewalling Dems Click to Tweet

Conservative groups are promising to spend millions of dollars in an effort to force Democrats in the Senate to vote in favor of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Politico reports.

The Judicial Crisis Network plans to spend at least $10 million in an advertising blitz that will try to pressure moderate Senate Democrats to back the eventual Trump nominee, according to Politico. The group is targeting Democrats facing reelection in states Trump won last year.

JCN had already spent about $7 million in a successful campaign to keep the seat open until President Obama left office, the website says.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has promised to oppose any Supreme Court nominations that are not “mainstream.”

“We are preparing to launch the most robust campaign for a Supreme Court nominee in history and we will force vulnerable senators up for re-election in 2018 like Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill to decide between keeping their Senate seats or following Chuck Schumer’s liberal, obstructionist agenda,” JCN’s chief counsel Carrie Severino is quoted by Politico.

“Any vulnerable Senator who signs up for Schumer’s obstructionist strategy will pay a heavy price in 2018. The President-elect clearly has a mandate when it comes to the Supreme Court and this effort will ensure that the will of the people prevails.”
Other conservative groups are also expected to be active in the campaign, the website notes.

“Democrats from states President-elect Trump won by double digits will feel maximum pain back home if they walk the plank with Chuck Schumer,” said Brian Rogers, executive director of America Rising Squared.

Source: Group Plans $10M Blitz to Pressure Dems, Back Trump’s High Court Pick