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Way back when in the annals of TV, Excedrin ran a very successful ad campaign, in which actors would dramatize one of life’s small (or large) aggravations. At the end of the spot, the aggrieved individual would close his eyes, put his hand, and wince with pain.

Excedrin Headache number such-and-such the voiceover would intone.

Here’s an example circa 1960:

This campaign (cam”pain”?) came to mind when I read about the Nobel Committee’s list of nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. I was particular struck by one name on that list of 318 people, which I suspect will give Democrats Excedrin Headache No. 3,000. The name is that of real estate mogul-turned President Donald J. Trump!

Be mindful that Trump probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this meaningless prize, which will almost certainly go to a liberal, but it’s hard not to laugh when you watch the latest tantrum by aging Trump detractor and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Waters was a guest on MSNBC, where she told host Joy Reid (beginning at 1:13 in the video that follows):