A Democratic congressman wants millions of people who hold U.S. green cards to become American citizens in order to send Donald Trump and other Republicans a message that they’re ‘mean and frankly, let’s be honest, racist.’

Louis Gutierrez, who is the senior House Democrat from Illinois and a Puerto Rican immigrant, spoke on the House floor just after 10:00 Wednesday morning, delivering a message especially to more than 5 million Hispanic U.S. residens who are eligible for citizenship today.’

Every time you see Trump’s face on your TV, vow to learn a little more English or a few more history facts so you can take the [citizenship] test,’ he said.

‘Let’s turn Trump’s negative words into something positive. That is how you deal with bullies and bigots.’ Gutierrez spoke next to a poster of an angry-looking Trump, at times becoming just as animated himself.

Source: Luis Gutierrez tells millions of Hispanics to become citizens | Daily Mail Online