Top 7 Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes of 2016 Click to Tweet

With Halloween just lurking around the corner, liberals are howling mad about these politically incorrect costumes.

After consulting with local ‘free-speech’ code experts and several government-approved ‘trick-or-treat’ community organizers, here are our Top 7 Most Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes of 2016.

#7 – The Obama ‘illegal alien’ costume (Made in Mexico, now available everywhere; ‘Anchor baby’ not included):


#6 – The super HOT Ebola costume (Fly Africa  ‘air-sickness’ bag sold separately):


#5 – Get your ’15 minutes of fame’ with the Ahmed Mohammed ‘The Clock Boy’ costume:

#4 – Liberals are roaring mad about the ‘Cecil the Lion Killer’ costume:

#3 – ‘Hillary from the Black Lagoon’ costume… The mask speaks for itself:


#2 – WEAR AT YOUR OWN RISK: This is one pumpkin that’s likely to get ‘ smashed’ on Halloween night – Obama the ‘Pumpkin Head’:


#1 – Perhaps the most politically incorrect costume — sure to haunt adults, children and small animals of all ages — is the ‘Call Me Cait’ costume (available in most ‘gender neutral’ sizes):


Source: Top 7 Most Politically-Incorrect Halloween Costumes of 2016 >> Revive America