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A Tennessee couple and their 3-year-old great-granddaughter were returning home from a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game when they were confronted by armed robbers in their own driveway.

According to KMOV, the thugs pointed guns at the elderly couple and demanded they hand over their belongings.

“We both said ‘we don’t have anything’ and then he told my husband, he said, ‘I will shoot you’ and he used the N-word,” said Deloris New. “What I felt when I saw that gun was just blood splattering. Us being killed, hurt, something.”

The thugs never pulled the trigger though, and New credits one particular word she uttered as being responsible for the miracle.

“I do remember saying Jesus. I remember saying that and I believe, covered by the blood of Jesus, saved us,” said New.

Law enforcement was searching for the suspected armed robbers, who appeared on a surveillance camera at a nearby McDonald’s just moments after the robbery occurred.

New has a message for the thugs that robbed her and her husband, saying, “I want to say what a stupid thing, that you’ve ruined your life for some pettiness.”

New said her young granddaughter was still frightened by the incident and spoke about how brave her husband was in defending her and the little girl.

“He is my hero because he stood between the guy and the gun,” New said, noting that if the men had simply asked nicely for help she likely would have given them some money.

Source: Conservative Tribune