Good for this couple!

An elderly couple in Helena, Arkansas, were “tricked” by a group of thugs on Halloween night, but had a “treat” of their own for the would-be home invaders.

According to Police Chief Virgil Green, four thugs showed up on the front porch of the senior couple’s home about 6:30 p.m. and called out “trick or treat” to coax the woman into opening the front door.

When she did, expecting to hand out some candy to a group of dressed-up children, she instead had a shotgun pointed straight in her face as the thugs pushed past her into the house.

However, the woman’s husband was sitting in his recliner, and happened to have a handgun nearby, which he grabbed and aimed at the home intruders.

The man fired off one shot, and though he missed the thugs and hit the ceiling, it was enough to send the criminals scrambling for their lives out of the house.

In their rush to escape, the thugs dropped their shotgun and rifle at the scene, where they were found by the police.

Foolishly on their part, none of the thugs were wearing masks or were otherwise disguised, and the victims were able to give the police good descriptions of the men who attempted to rob them.

“The elderly couple was visibly shaken but they’re doing OK,” Green said.

Thankfully, this older man had a gun within reach when these four thugs barged their way into his home, and was prepared to use it to defend himself and his wife.

Source: Thug Trick-Or-Treaters Pull Shotgun On Old Lady… Seconds Later, She Pulls Out “Trick” of Her Own