union station

A security guard in Washington DC’s Union Station shot and wounded a man who refused orders to drop a knife around 1 pm today.

The man stabbed a female before being confronted by the security guard and was then shot. The degree of injury suffered by the female is not known, but she was “conscious and breathing” after the security guard intervened.

According to The Washington Post, shoppers and people grabbing food in Union Station heard the gun shot and thought an attack was taking place.  Twenty-seven-year-old Noelle Nealy works at a store in Union Station where they “heard a gunshot and looked outside and saw people running out of the [McDonald’s].” Nealy said, “We locked our store down and hid inside. Once they evacuated us we were running out and saw police swarming with guns drawn.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge was quickly on air outside of Union Station, reporting that the individual with the knife sustained “severe injuries” from the gunshot. She said witnesses confirmed  seeing people flee the McDonald’s and screaming for someone to “call 911.” The witnesses said they then saw an “African American with dreadlocks, walking very composed–sort of very determined–[allegedly] carrying something in his hand”…

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