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He definitely broke into the WRONG house!

Texas burglar Philip Owens learned a painful lesson early Monday when he broke into the home of a New Braunfels resident — one who knew exactly how to wield, aim and fire a gun with precision.

“The homeowner confronted the suspicious person, resulting in the homeowner using a firearm to shoot the suspicious person,” Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Zachary McBride told the Seguin (Texas) Gazette. “The gunshots ceased the pending unlawful entry into the homeowner’s home.”

Specifically, the homeowner shot Owens in the groin — whether or not on purpose — leaving him with “serious but not life-threatening” injuries. Ouch.

When authorities arrived, they discovered certain items — gloves, a crow bar and a red headlamp — that led them to believe Owens was the perpetrator behind at least a dozen other burglaries that had occurred in the area over the past few months.

“All of those burglaries are suspected to have happened in the early morning hours via a back door and some sliding-glass doors,” McBride explained. “This was the same time of day and the same point of entry that Philip Owens was attempting to do in this case.”

The case remained under investigation, though according to KENS the homeowner won’t be facing any charges for his brave actions and remarkable marksmanship.

Source: Thug Breaks Into WRONG Home… Man Inside Is Marksman Aiming At PERFECT Bullseye