The FBI is now searching for the suspect who is seen in footage carrying a package of raw bacon before placing strips of it on the doors of a mosque. The incident is being investigated as vandalism and a hate crime.

From Breitbart:

Per a report by Turnto23, police said a man wrapped raw bacon around the door of a Las Vegas, NV mosque over the weekend.

Police are investigating the incident captured on video as a possible hate crime since pork or bacon are forbidden in Islam both to eat and touch.

The surveillance video captured by Masjid Tawheed mosque shows a man placing the raw bacon onto the mosque’s doors and door handles.


This must be worse than San Bernardino, just ask Loretta Lynch.

Authorities are trying to call this vandalism, but since when is it a “crime” to put meat on a door handle?  I’m calling it protected speech.

They couldn’t find a janitor to remove it and clean up the area like anyone else would have done? It’s bacon, not a spitting cobra. Sheesh.


Source: Man Wrapped This Around a Mosque Door, Police Are Calling it a “Hate Crime”