This Major Shopping Mall is Taking Legal Action to Stop #BlackLivesMatter Click to Tweet

The Black Lives Matter group, built on the lies of “hands up don’t shoot,” following the death of 6’4″, 290 lb. “gentle giant” Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, has been causing mayhem and anarchy across America ever since.


After protests led to massive arson and looting in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, now the terrorist organization has set its sites on Christmas — where people are shopping — with the blessing of America-hating Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, and professional racial grievance industry profiteers like Al Sharpton.

Now the largest shopping mall in America, the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, is taking legal action against the racist, anti-cop organization that receives funding from anti-American socialist billionaire and mega Democrat donor, George Soros.

The Mall of America is seeking a restraining order against the Black Lives Matter terrorist group to stop the agitators from protesting at the mall on Wednesday, the day before Christmas Eve, pointing out that the mall is private property and therefore, the group has no right to protest there.

The Star-Tribune reported on Monday:

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