ISIS Wants To Use Vultures As Suicide Bombers to Down U.S. Warplanes Click to Tweet

An ISIS supporter has presented a plan to attack planes conducting airstrikes against the Islamic State: Deploying birds as bombers.

The comprehensive plan, called “A New Way To Down Warplanes,” was posted on an ISIS supporters’ group on the messaging app Telegram on Saturday night, Vocativ discovered. It looked like a trolling attempt at first, but at a second glance, it’s a detailed (and creative, albeit repulsive) plan on how to target the U.S.-led coalition’s airstrike campaign in Iraq. The guide offers suggestions about which birds and explosives would be best to use, and about how to smuggle the birds into a war zone.

“The Crusader and Shiite airstrikes are the biggest military obstacle to the soldiers of the caliphate and dealing with it is a big challenge,” the loyalist wrote. “This is why we have to put in effort and find solutions. An idea came to my mind and I am asking to pass it to the relevant Mujaheddin in the Islamic State.”

But, by Sunday night, no one in the Telegram channel responded to the sympathizer’s calculated scheme.

The plan isn’t lacking in morbid enthusiasm. The idea is to strap a “lightweight” bomb to a bird with a so-called “suicide belt,” and train the bird in six (easy?) steps to fly into a jet and detonate an explosive—effectively making the bird a suicide bomber. The ISIS loyalist suggests using an Urea bomb, which he theorizes was the explosive used by ISIS to down the Russian Metrojet plane that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 on board in late October…

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