This is amazing.

In April 2015, Fox News ran a video of a World War II veteran scoring a touchdown during an alumni flag football game at The University of Kansas.

Now, five months later, the video is still going viral. With over 37 million views, it has touched hearts and minds all across America.

The video has stirred up emotions in those who know veterans who fought in World War II as well as those who have a deep love and respect for our military servicemen and women.

In an era in which our veterans too often don’t receive the care or respect they deserve, it is heartwarming to know that someone at The University of Kansas cared enough make this veteran’s dream come true.

The Kansas City Star reported that Brian Sperry, the star of the video, began his football career at The University of Kansas at age 17, but left two years later to serve in World War II.

Sperry fought in the European theater of the conflict as an infantryman, including participating in the infamous Battle of the Bulge. Sperry couldn’t return home immediately after the war, so he attended university in England where he played on their football team.

Perry eventually returned to America to finish his football career at The University of Kansas.

“That was fun,” Sperry stated of the game. “I didn’t know if I could run.”


Source: This Fox News Video Is STILL Going Viral After 5 Months… Over 37 MILLION Have Now Seen It