As the Islamic State continues its reign of terror in Syria and Iraq, it’s now establishing a home base in a country that’s only 400 miles from Europe.

The country, Libya, is known as a hotbed for Islamic extremism, and ISIS hasn’t had an issue kidnapping Christians there and beheading them on film:


While the Libyan city of Dernah has had an ISIS presence, now the city of Surt has one, as well:

Western officials involved in Libya policy say that the United States and Britain have each sent commandos to conduct surveillance and gather intelligence on the ground…

But military strategists are exasperated by the lack of long-term options to contain the group here.

Libya could present the West with obstacles at least as intractable as those in the Islamic State’s current home based in Syria, Raqqa, amid the bedlam of civil war…

The following image shows where ISIS has set up provinces.


 Source: The World Is Horrified After Seeing Where ISIS Has Planted Its Latest Flag