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Republicans from various corners of the party are signaling their urgent desire to stop Ted Cruz from becoming their presidential nominee, a dueling indication of the Texas senator’s formidable political strength as well as his severe likeability deficit within diverse quarters of the GOP.

tedcruzfreeuse-300x200With less than two weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, Cruz is under siege, attempting to fend off attacks on multiple fronts, unite conservatives and hold on to his narrow lead in the state over Donald Trump, who has predicted that a win by him there would induce a cascading effect toward the GOP nomination.

“Obviously it’s coming from the establishment that seems more hellbent on stopping Ted Cruz than Hillary Clinton,” says GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway, who is running the pro-Cruz super PAC, Keep the Promise. “This is like the establishment’s last gasp. It’s been their worst cycle in history, bar none.”

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But Trump’s endeavor to wrestle Iowa from Cruz’s grasp gained palpable momentum Tuesday after Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, 2008 vice presidential nominee and tea party hero, endorsed his bid.

Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, telegraphed her mother’s choice earlier in the day when she took umbrage with a Cruz aide’s dismissive comments of the potential endorsement…

Palin, who still carries considerable cache with hard-core conservative grass-roots activists, will campaign with Trump in Iowa and Oklahoma Wednesday at events sure to dominate the media cycle. Seeing no advantage in antagonizing a political celebrity, Cruz sought to shrug past the news, saying he still loved Palin

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