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As President Barack Obama continues to push his plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States over the next year, lawmakers in many states are becoming increasingly determined to find ways to stop it.

Newsmax reported that some Texas lawmakers have suggested making any refugees entering their state take a polygraph to weed out potential radical Islamic terroriDavid_Dees_Obama_on_lie_detector_test_xlarge

While this idea might not be guaranteed to stop Islamic extremists from infiltrating America, the Lone Star State deserves credit for trying something to protect its people — .which is more than the Obama White House wants to do.

“If we can do it for law enforcement to qualify certain law enforcement positions, it may be something we can consider,” Democratic state Rep. Richard Peña Raymond stated.

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“I’m willing to bet those two people in California wouldn’t have wanted to take the polygraph,” Raymond added.

One big problem with this idea is that polygraphs aren’t perfect. They can be fooled, and just like any other machine, they can be wrong.

Another problem is that some refugees who enter America may not be terrorists at the time of the questioning. Taking a polygraph wouldn’t stop them from being radicalized on America soil, just like one of the San Bernardino shooters apparently was.

Source: Texas Comes Up With Brilliant New “Processing” Method for Refugees… Muslims Are Freaking Out