TERROR THREAT: 2 Texas Churches Get Christmas Eve Bomb Threats Click to Tweet

Two popular churches in the same downtown North Texas city received anonymous bomb threat letters warning them to cancel their Christmas Eve services, although both refuse to be intimidated and plan to worship with added police protection.

The threatening letters arrived at the Denton Bible Church on Monday and at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, the Denton Record-Chronicle reported. “Both letters were similar in makeup,” said Denton Police Department spokesman Shane Kizer, “It was a short letter. Just a few sentences.”

The unaffiliated houses of worship are in the City of Denton, located at the very northern tip of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Denton may be known best for its 2014 controversial fracking ban that ended this year with legislation that banned fracking bans.

Kizer said the letters mentioned bombs and warned both churches against holding their Christmas Eve services, according to KTVT 11 (CBS). The police spokesman did not address specifics of the letter so not to interfere with the investigation now taking place, although he added that neither threat indicated any religious or social affiliation of its author. Kizer noted anytime there is a threat of a bomb, there could be mass casualties and officers want to take “as many precautions as possible to prevent that from happening,” although he acknowledged law enforcement did not know yet if this was real or a hoax.

Denton police suspect the same person is responsible for both bomb threat letters and are searching for this mysterious individual. Kizer said: “It could be a hate-related crime. These are both Evangelical churches, so it could be towards that or it could be someone wanting to cause alarm or cause panic.”

Nonetheless, both churches still plan to hold their Christmas Eve services…

Source: Two Texas Churches Get Christmas Eve Bomb Threats, Plan Services with Police Protection