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Is this what education in America has become?

Liberals have been trying to years to convince Americans that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that, despite the hundreds of terror attacks by radical Islamists, there is nothing to fear from Islam.

Now it seems that liberals have given up trying to convince us, and are focusing on brainwashing our children instead. Brentwood Homepage reported that a school in Tennessee has come under fire for teaching Islam to a bunch of seventh-graders.

The textbooks the children were using claimed that Islam was purely peaceful and that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. It left out any mention of jihad, Islamic terrorism, and all the other “peaceful” bits that result in dead bodies.

The local radio station “SuperTalk Radio” decided that it wasn’t going to tolerate this, and held a town hall meeting for parents to complain about the textbooks.

“I am concerned because I have three kids in Williamson County Schools,” said state Sen. Jack Johnson, a Republican. “The possibility we could be advocating Islam in school and could be misrepresenting history has generated lots of calls and emails. I want to educate myself and learn more about it.”

The outrage from parents may be generating results, because Rep. Sheila Butt from Maury County plans to introduce House Bill No. 1418 in January.

“It simply says we won’t indoctrinate students in sixth and seventh grade,” she stated. “And that they will learn comparative religion in high school.”

Some, like middle school teacher Kyle Mallory, said parents shouldn’t be angry at teachers, but at the administrators who picked the textbook.

“Y’all had a school board member from here come up to the textbook commission,” he said. “Nothing was done. It’s not a teacher problem. We have (an education) commissioner not doing her job, and I think the state Legislature needs a no-confidence resolution.”

WZTV also reported on the town hall. You can watch their report here:


Source: VIDEO: Tenn. School Tries Teaching Islam to 7th Graders, So Radio Station Gets Instant Justice