Ted Nugent slams Obama’s faith in a tweet and it’s going viral!

Liberals and the mainstream media were in an uproar this weekend over purported Islamophobia among the Republican presidential candidates.

Instead of discussing the brutality of the Islamic State or the massive wave of Muslim migrants sweeping through Europe, the liberal media was focused on a comment made by a man at a rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The man’s question, which was more of a statement than a query, used the premise that Muslims are a growing problem in America, and seemed to suggest that President Obama himself is a Muslim, which Trump more or less dismissed without addressing.

In an obvious attempt to make political hay for Democrats, the media has jumped all over Trump for not immediately rebuking and condemning the man’s statement as outrageous, unfounded and without merit, as apparently in their view it is Trump’s job to defend the president from any and all criticism.

But Trump has, as usual, refused to bow to the faux outrage of the liberal media, and he is not alone on this.

Ted Nugent isn’t one to pull any punches, and certainly didn’t this time either, making his opinion known without apology.


Source: Ted Nugent Makes HUGE Announcement About Obama’s “Faith”… It’s Going Viral