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Ted Cruz: ‘I’m Not Going into the Mud With Donald Trump’

Dear Conservative,
On the Mark Levin radio show today, Sen. Ted Cruz took the high road in the face of an ever-escalating series of scathing personal attacks on him by Donald Trump and the GOP Establishment.
I’m not going to respond in kind I am not going to attack Donald personally, I like him, I respect him, and I’m not going into the mud with personal insults and attacks,” said Cruz.
Cruz asserted that the only reason political candidates decided to get personal was because they didn’t want to be challenged on the issues.
“They don’t want to talk about their own records, and so they try instead just to engage personal attacks,” he said.
Cruz reminded the audience that Trump argued for expanding Obamacare into socialized medicine and thought the Wall Street TARP bailouts were a “great idea.” He also pointed out that Trump was a supporter of President Obama’s stimulus program as well as an expansion of the ethanol mandate.
“That fits the pattern of Donald’s history, which is Donald has for a long time been an advocate of cronyism and corporate welfare,” Cruz said, calling it part of Trump’s “New York values”… (Breitbart).
Over the past 10 days, Ted Cruz has been the target of a brutal barrage of ugly personal attacks, apparently coordinated between Donald Trump and the GOP Establishment.
In one attack that made many a Republican wince in shame, GOP elder, former-Sen. Bob Dole lambasted Cruz as an “extremist” — a slur Dole once reserved to slander conservative GOP presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. 
But against Ted Cruz, Dole attacked in the most personal of terms.
“Nobody likes him”, said Dole.  Trump, on the other hand, could “probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a deal-maker,” Dole added. (New York Times)
In recent days, Trump, who was once thought to be a friend of Cruz, has led a crazy-baseless “Birther” assault on Ted Cruz.
Sadly, Trump and the establishment have both calculated that they can do business with one another.  It’s all in the ‘Art of the Deal’.
But the fact is these attacks have quickly become a major threat to Ted Cruz’ presidential bid.
Once thing is for sure, the establishment has always HATED Ted Cruz.
But let’s also be clear about why — the establishment doesn’t fault Ted Cruz for saying he opposes liberal policies. They hate him because he actually works to stop those policies.
You see, just LIKE every Republican who got elected in the tidal wave elections of 2010, 2012, and 2014, Ted Cruz promised voters that he’d DEFUND Obamacare, and STOP Obama. 
But UNLIKE so many House and Senate Republicans who joined Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s pathetic ‘shell game’, Senator Cruz kept his promise to voters.
Dick Morris, the famous political consultant, once told me that a political candidate “must never go to sleep at night with a negative attack hanging above him.”
The fact is that when shameless, puffed-up, and crazy-baseless political attacks go unanswered, they become very real… very lethal… and very quickly.
To FIGHT BACK, we’re answering the attacks with an urgent grassroots campaign to Defend Ted Cruz – to respond, knock down, and totally debunk these vicious negative attacks and lies. 
Using our vast social media resources, email, talk radio, and television advertising, we’re launching an immediate rapid-response grassroots campaign to Defend Ted Cruz. 
As conservatives, we can do MORE than just sit back at home watching as our conservative champions get ripped to shreds by the conservative-hating GOP establishment.  We can fight back!
Ted Cruz has always fought for us — for our conservative principles.
He has kept the promise.
Now Ted needs us to fight for him.
Thank you for all that you’re doing.
For America,
Bob Adams
Supporting Ted Cruz 2016
P.S. – Ted Cruz is under attack, and needs your help, but I’m afraid the worst is still to come. That’s why it so crucial that you send your maximum contribution today! We will be ready to flood the radio and TV airways to knock down every vicious negative attack being trumped-up against Ted Cruz. 
P.P.S. – We simply cannot allow these negative attacks to go unanswered. The Iowa Caucuses are just days away. Now is the time when your donation can make the biggest impact.  Please consider making an emergency donation of $25, $50, $100, or $500 today.

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