Students across the country hope he keeps this promise.

Texas senator and presidential candidate [score]Ted Cruz[/score] has made it a point to avoid pandering to specific crowds during his campaign for the GOP nomination.

This was no more evident than when he bucked recent trends by directly stating to Iowans that he was decidedly not in favor of government subsidies for ethanol fuel, a vitally important issue for the many corn farmers that populate the midwestern state.

However, while making his final pitch to Iowans on the day of the crucial caucuses, Cruz diverted from his typical routine and blatantly pandered to a particular group of individuals that had gathered to hear his message, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Noticing a group of school-aged students that were attending his rally in Jefferson, Cruz directly tailored part of his message to get a reaction from the children.

Speaking about the controversial and unpopular efforts made by first lady Michelle Obama to make school lunches more healthy, Cruz let the students know what would happen if he were elected and placed his wife, Heidi Cruz, in charge of school lunches.

Showering his wife with praise following remarks that she had just made, Cruz declared, “If Heidi Cruz becomes first lady, french fries are coming back to the cafeteria.”

His campaign promise was of course met with a chorus of cheers and loud applause from the students that no doubt dislike the disgusting and unappetizing “healthy” lunches Michelle Obama has forced them to eat.

Source: BOOM: Cruz Announces Wife’s Plan for School Lunches… Audience EXPLODES in Cheers