Hillary Clinton looks to be making some big moves, but it also seems like clutching straws.

After [score]Hillary Clinton[/score] defeated Bernie Sanders by a marginal amount in last week’s Iowa caucuses, it seems that team Hillary may be undergoing some internal staff changes. This should be good.

According to multiple news sources, Clinton is considering a staff change-up following the New Hampshire primary. Rumors circulated that Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have been unhappy for sometime with the direction of the campaign — specifically its messaging and digital operations — and have been considering the staff change after the first four voting states.

However, after the results of the Iowa caucuses, it seems that change is moving forward faster than anticipated.

Especially now that Clinton is trailing Sanders by double digits in New Hampshire:

hillary clinton trailing sanders


“The Clintons are not happy, and have been letting all of us know that,” a Democratic official close to both Clintons said. “The idea is that we need a more forward-looking message, for the primary — but also for the general election too. … There’s no sense of panic, but there is an urgency to fix these problems right now.”

However, in true Hillary flip-flop fashion, when asked about her campaign team on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Clinton stated that she is “very confident” in her campaign managers.

“I have no idea what they’re talking about or who they are talking to. We’re going to take stock, but it’s going to be the campaign that I’ve got. I’m very confident in the people that I have. I’m very committed to them,” Clinton commented.

“We’re moving into a different phase of the campaign. We’re moving into a more diverse electorate,” Clinton continued. “So, of course it would be malpractice not to say, ‘OK, what worked? What can we do better? What do we have to do new and different that we have to pull out?’ “

Source: Team Hillary About To Make a Huge “Shake Up” … This Could Be a Glimpse Of The END