I wouldn’t mess with this mom.

Nearly every day, certainly every week, we see yet another story exposing just how far our public school system has fallen and why homeschooling may be the best option going forward.

Thanks in large part to the federally-imposed Common Core education standards, the curriculum being taught in schools today is far different than what most of us grew up learning.

Recently, a mother became outraged over a note her 7-year-old daughter’s teacher left on the second-grader’s homework.

The note, written underneath the child’s cursive signature, menacingly says, “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.”

But the mother got the last word (and more) when a picture of the note chastising a young child for writing in cursive went viral after being posted to social media by her friend, Brenda Hatcher.

Hatcher wrote, “Alyssa is 7!!! Not only is her mother a military veteran but, [sic] she took the time to teach her very young child how to write in cursive… This is her teacher’s response… What is wrong with today’s school system/society???”

Hatcher also wondered what kind of “punishment” the teacher had in mind if the girl continued to write her name in cursive, saying, “What are you gonna do Mrs. Teacher? Suspend her from school for being 7 and able to write in cursive? Does she not get to go out for recess?”

Source: Teacher Writes Insane Note On Child’s Assignment… Mom Gets Perfect Justice