Teacher resigns

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A fed-up teacher in Florida posted her emotional resignation letter to her Facebook wall, and it quickly went viral.

In the letter dated Oct. 23, Wendy Bradshaw admonished the Polk County school board for placing standardized tests over the needs of school children.

“Like many other teachers across the nation, I have become more and more disturbed by the misguided reforms taking place which are robbing my students of a developmentally appropriate education,” she wrote in the post, which has since garnered over 30,000 likes and 45,000 thousand shares.

Standardized testing related to Common Core has caused controversy nationwide, and Bradshaw pointed out that the latest reforms — all of which originate with President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration — force “teachers to engage in practices” that are “harmful to child development and the learning process.”

The situation has become so bad, Bradshaw wrote, that she often sees students burst into tears because of their inability “to attempt tasks well out of their zone of proximal development” — or act badly in an attempt to be labeled the “bad kid” instead of the “stupid kid.”

“It is not the children who are disordered,” she continued. “The disorder is in the system which requires them to attempt curriculum and demonstrate behaviors far beyond what is appropriate for their age.”

It is also the system that punishes teachers who dare deviate from the system and try other — and perhaps better — methods of instruction.

In an interview with local cable channel Bay News 9, Bradshaw added that she has begun receiving numerous heartfelt responses from other teachers and parents who feel the same way.

Source: Young Teacher Hands In Epic Letter Announcing Her Resignation… Now It’s Going Viral